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Imagine finding a quality speaker with a recognized name and impeccable reputation. Imagine this speaker personally coming to your location. Now is your chance to meet Kevin Saunders, one of the nation's top inspirational and motivational speakers. His incredible story of tragedy to triumph will undoubtedly inspire each and every audience member.

As a successful published author and former World Champion Wheelchair Athlete, Kevin Saunders has spoken to numerous businesses and corporations including Fortune 500 companies. He also shares his "Never Give Up" message with our nations youth. Kevin regularly visits schools, universities, associations, clubs, and organizations. To name a few, Kevin has motivated audiences for D.A.R.E., Goodwill, and the Special Olympics.

In addition to being a highly sought-after speaker, Kevin is responsible for generating philanthropic support for a wide variety of charitable organizations. To help you raise money, he personalizes each of his presentations. Like no other speaker, he adds a thrilling sense of urgency and purpose. To raise the awareness of your fundraising project in your community he will also utilize his vast media experience including television, radio, and print promotions.

Kevin can help your organization or company achieve their goals and make a difference! For example, after Kevin's presentation on behalf of the United Way Foundation (who's goal was to raise more than $50,000 in one event), audience member Maria Sanchez exclaimed, "If I had it now, I would give it all to him. He's such a great inspiration that I want to help support the cause he is promoting!" This is just one testimonial for Kevin Saunders and why he is the best choice to speak at your next fundraising event.

Schedule Kevin Saunders today and make your next fundraising event exciting and successful

Please fill out the "Schedule an Event" form below. You may use this form to contact Kevin Saunders. Also, to ensure a prompt reply, please include your name and email address. If you would rather speak to someone in person, please call (785) 454-3670.

Question & Answers:

1. How can my company participate?
Your company can participate by organizing teams of employees, even friends and neighbors. Kevin often structures a Fun Run, race, or competition that helps make fundraising fun.

2. Is team membership limited to employees of the company?
No. Team participation is open to everyone. Employees are encouraged to get their families, friends, and neighbors involved. This encourages a greater sense of community, and allows more individuals to get involved and help others.

3. How is the money collected?
Each team member is responsible for collecting funds from supporters during the fundraiser.

4. How does a team raise funds?
Team members are responsible for raising funds from coworkers, friends, neighbors, family members, and other individuals who wish to back the team and support the cause. Kevin takes your commitment to raising funds seriously. He wants you to be successful in raising at least the minimum for your project to provide as much support as possible.

5. Is it difficult to organize a team?
It isn't hard at all! Fundraisers give a chance for people of your community to give back to others. It is an exciting and beneficial event for all involved. Many individuals will be very excited and honored to be a part of your team.

6. How do we set a goal for the amount of money we want to raise?
A fundraising goal is established for the total project that is needed in your community. An additional fundraising goal is then established per participant. The fundraising commitment for each participant is established based on the number of participants and the total amount needed to be raised. Once participants reach their fundraising goal, money exceeding their amount can be applied to that same project or use it for other needs in the community.

7. How is the money used?
The money raised is to help further the specific purposes and goals of your fundraiser. The money is used to further develop the community in numerous projects and assist individuals in whatever specific needs they may have.

8. What are the fees for Kevin's appearances to help with your fundraiser?
Travel expenses to and from the engagement for Kevin and his assistant; car driving charges at 36.5 cents a mile; and airplane charges, including the cost of plane tickets, hotel room (handicapped accessible, meals, cab far, subway or rental car, if necessary). Kevin also receives a 10% honorarium of the gross revenue of the fundraiser, of which he donates a portion back to the Wheelchair Success Foundation, which he founded in order to help people permanently confined to a wheelchair receive financial support in order to continue their education after high school.

9. What accommodations does Kevin need?
Since he is in a wheelchair, a stage or platform is needed to raise Kevin high enough so the audience can see him. He will need a ramp, which is close to ADA standards so he can push himself up onstage. Kevin also needs an easel to put pictures on and a cassette tape or CD music player. Kevin needs a VCR or CD computer disk with projection screen or large TV screen so people in the audience can see the introduction video. A lavaliere (wireless) microphone is needed because Kevin uses his hands to move his wheelchair as he speaks.

Schedule an Event

Please use the form below to contact Saunders & Associates and schedule one of the top inspirational and motivational speakers in the country and former World Champion Wheelchair Athlete to make an appearance at your next fundraising event. Make sure you fill in your name, email, and describe the type of event you are planning so we may follow up on your inquiry.

If you would rather speak to someone in person you can, speak with someone directly at (785) 454-3670 to get answers to your questions.

This questionnaire is designed to help Kevin prepare for his upcoming presentation with your organization. Please complete as many of the questions that are applicable to your group. After Kevin receives this information, a phone appointment will be scheduled to discuss it further. THANK YOU!

Saunders & Associates takes your privacy very seriously. Only you and Saunders & Associates will know the information you enter here.

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