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Wheelchair Success Foundation Scholarship

On April 7, 1981, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Kevin Saunders was performing a grain elevator inspection when an explosion occurred. It threw him 300 feet through the air and slammed his body onto a concrete parking lot. Ten of his co-workers died. With a fractured skull, collapsed lungs, and massive internal and external injuries, doctors didn't think he would live. He survived, but is a paraplegic. Little did he know it was the beginning of a second, blessed life. Through sheer will and a determination to succeed, he turned tragedy into triumph.

Kevin Saunders says education was the foundation for all his accomplishments and continues to be a major force in his life. Kevin founded the wsf to help other wheelchair bound individuals build a foundation for success in their lives.


Guidelines and Instructions

To be considered for a Wheelchair Success Foundation Scholarship, a student must:

  1. Graduate the spring semester of the current school year from a Corpus Christi ISD High School.
  2. Declare intent to become an elementary or secondary school teacher.
  3. Have a cumulative high school grade point average of 90 or more.
  4. Establish financial need.
  5. Enroll the fall semester following graduation as a full-time college student (at least 12 semester hours) in a Texas community college, state college or Texas university. The student is expected to maintain a full-time enrollment for both the fall and spring semesters.
  6. Submit the following, all in one enevelope :

    A. An application (it is preferred that this form be used. A copy machine reproduction is acceptable)

    B. An official High School transcript which includes GPA and rank in class through the fall semester of the senior year.

    C. A sealed letter of recommendation (or it may be mailed separately) post maked by March 15th from the students councelor, principal or a current teacher of a major subject area. Only one letter is necessary. The letter may include a statement regarding the basis of the student's financial need.

    The envelope postmarked on or before March 15th, is sent to:

    Coastal Bend Community Foundation
    600 Leopard Street, Suite 1716
    Corpus Christi, Texas 78473

    Phone: (361)-882-9745

Name of Applicant:_______________________________SSN#__________________


Name of High School:_____________________________County:________________


School Address:____________________City:________________Zipcode:_________


Name of Principal:______________________________Phone:__________________


Name of Councelor:____________________________Phone:___________________


Applicants permanent address:____________________________________________




Visit Coastal Bend Community Foundation Website Coastal Bend Community Foundation
600 Leopard Street, Suite 1716
Corpus Christi, Texas 78473

Phone: (361) 882-9745
Visit Kevin Saunders Website Kevin Saunders
403 Delaware
Downs, Kansas 67437

Phone: (785) 454-3670